when in rome: part 5


[parts one, two, three, and four]


“No.” It was the first, instinctive word that sprang to Emma’s lips, as she moved to put herself between the two men. “This – it’s not – ”

“Oh, I suspect it’s exactly what it looks like, dearie,” Gaius Flavius Cassianus commented sleekly. “You don’t want to try to argue your way out of this, because you can’t. After all the trouble I’ve gone to in order to ensure that this wedding would happen… why?” He shook his head, like a kindly uncle or benevolent patron deeply disappointed in his favorite protégé’s behavior. “And with a slave? I always considered you a young woman of refined sensibilities and good breeding, but clearly I was quite mistaken.”

“Leave her out of this.” It was Killian who spoke, stepping out from behind Emma and shielding her with his arm. “It was my fault. I dragged her down here and forced myself on her. Look at her – do you think she’s dressed in any fashion to run? You want me. Take me.”

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i just

there’s literally no explanation in my mind for the mushy hug in 3x12 if it isn’t that emma drinks the potion and gets her memories back

and as everything floods back, all her memories and pain and the confusion of two lives, she sees Killian. she sees the man who has…