you gave up your ship for me?

Hey guys. Rachel (formerly hooked-on-neverland) here. I’m scuttling back to Tumblr briefly to shamelessly promote the fic I’m working on. (P.S. I will most likely come back to Tumblr and start making a lot of blog posts again once the school year starts.) I love you guys too much to leave you permanently.

also i have no self control so

Anyway, here’s the next chapter:

Agony (2/?)


The first thing he noticed after the searing pain of a scaly hand digging around his ribcage was that he felt free. His heart was no longer in his chest, but he couldn’t even remember why he needed it in the first place. Hook no longer felt the wound that Milah’s death left, he no longer felt the burning need inside him to kill the Crocodile (which had never completely gone away), and he no longer felt the ache in his chest with Emma Swan’s name on it.

"Exhilarating, isn’t it?" The sea witch gave him a condescending smile. "You no longer feel the pain of heartbreak, which I’m guessing is what you wanted when you came here."

"I feel-" Hook stopped and rubbed the spot where his heart should have been beating in his chest, then smirked like the bloody pirate captain he used to be. "I feel nothing."

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